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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tube of Choice. I am using the work of Fetch Art. You can get this tube at ScrapsNCrap. Please do not use it unless you have the proper license to do so.
Template by Missy. We will be using the one labeled finishthistagweek23. You can find them here.
Filters: Xero-Fritillary, Xero-Radiance, and Penta-Jeans Eye Candy-Gradient Glow (optional)
Font: Little Sparrow. You can find that here.
My supplies. You can find them here.

First of all. Turn on some good tunes. It always helps with the mojo. ;)
Open template. Expand canvas size to 900x550. This is only temporary. So don't worry!
Open your tube of choice and paste above the top layer. If you are using a bigger tube (PFD/SnC/BarbJensen) feel free to resize to a working size. Position it where you like.
Now using your crop tool on crop opaque. Drag it to a easier working size for you. Hit ok.
Now, pick a color from your tube. Click the lock transparency button for the square one layer. Activate that layer and flood fill with that color. Repeat for the square two.
Apply Xero-Fritillary on these settings:

Now activate circle 1. Apply Penta-Jeans on the default setting. Do the same for circle 3. If you are working with a lighter tube, feel free to change the color of those circles to something lighter before applying the filter.
Activate circle 2. Flood fill with a lighter color from your tube. Apply the jeans filter as you did before.
Activate the frame back layer. Flood fill with your darker color.
Activate your frame back 2 layer. Flood fill with your lighter color. Repeat for frame back 3 layer.
With either frame back 2 or 3 activated, post your tube over that layer. If you aren't working with a big tube, use a close up. Position within the frame. If you need to resize, go ahead.
Reactivate the frame back layer. Select all. Float>defloat>invert. Activate tube layer and hit delete. Deselect all.
Repeat this for the other frame back layer, just mirror your tube the other direction.
You are going to do this next step for both of those tube layers, so start with either again.
Activate one of them. Duplicate it. On the bottom one (the original) set the blend mode to luminance. On the top one set it to multiply. Also apply Xero-Radiance on the default setting to that top one. Repeat for the other tube close up layer.
Now, on the original frame back layer (the one with the darker color) apply Xero-Fritillary using the same settings as before.
Activate the brush layer. Using the change to target brush, color it either of your colors of choice.
Using the font Little Sparrow set to 100 type out some wording that fits your tag. Convert to raster layer. Add noise set to 50% and on hard. Apply Eye Candy-Gradient Glow in a color that fits your tag (either black or white). Drag it just under you main tube layer.
Position your elements how you wish. I'm not going to tell you how. You can use my tag as a guide though. You can use what is supplied or your own.
Add drop shadows as you wish. Crop merged opaque.
Add your copyright information and your name.
Save as a png and enjoy!


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