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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What you need:
Tube: I'm using the art of Shawli. You can purchase her are here.
Kit: I'm using the kit Hippity Hoppity Easter by JRB Scraps. You can purchase it here.
Animation: I'm using an animation from Lovey. You can find the one I used here.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using CS5.

Open a new image with the dimensions 625x225. Name the image "Tag"
Open Paper2, copy and paste into the new image. Copy and paste your tube above that layer. Name the tube layer "Tube" and the paper layer "Background"
Create a new layer above the tube. Select all>Modify>Border. Make the border 8px. Flood fill that area with a color from your tube. Flood it a few times to get a clean corner.
Now, name that layer "Frame". On the frame, apply noise set at 45%. Make sure it is set to Uniform and the Monochromatic box is ticked. Apply a stroke of 4px in the color white to your frame layer.
Open element20. Copy and paste that above your background layer. Position the eggs to one side and then duplicate. Drag the duplicated eggs to the other side. Merge down so that you only have one layer of eggs.
Duplicate that layer, on the top layer, set the blend mode to screen. Create a clipping mask with the two egg layers and merge together.
Open Element10. Copy and paste it above the background layer. Position it to one side so that only half the petals are showing. Duplicate and move it to the other side, leaving half showing again. Merge down so you have only layer.
Open up Element7. Resize by 70%. Copy and paste it above the Tube layer. Position it in the bottom right corner with just half the bow showing. Duplicate the bow and move it to the other side. Position it so that a little less is showing than the other side. Merge down into one layer. Duplicate that layer and set the blend mode to Screen. Create a clipping mask with the two bow layers and merge those together.
Above your frame layer, add your copyright information. Rasterize that layer.
Now, add your name using the same color you made your frame. Apply the same noise to the name. Then apply the stroke as well, this time only 2px.
If you aren't going to animate, then save now as a .jpg.

If you are going to animate, open up the animation Scrambled Eggs. Delete the credit layer. Select all layers. Hit Ctrl+G to group them together.
Right click and hit duplicate. In the duplicate drop down menu, find "Tag" and then hit ok.
Move the group down above the background layer. Position it so that it's in the space that is open. Use my tag for reference if needed. Set the blend mode of the group to Multiply.
Open the group up and close off all the layers except the first one. Open up your animation window, duplicate frame until you have 18 total.
Here come the fun part. Activate Frame1. Make sure that the Frame one is showing from the group. Now, go to Frame2, and make sure that just the Frame2 layer is showing. Continue this for each frame.
When that part is done, select all frames and set the display to .1 seconds.
Save for Web and Devices and enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

What you need:
Template. I'm using number 114 by Simone. You can find it here.
Tube. I'm using the art of Jose Cano. You can purchase his art here.
Filters. You will need DSB Flux-Electrosphere and MezzoForce-Ice. You can find both of them here.
Fonts of Choice.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS5.

Open the template. Delete the copyright information layer, and open your tube.
Copy and paste the tube above the Frame 1 layer.
Copy and paste the close up above the black layer. Duplicate and move around the tag. Continue to do this until you are satisfied with how the background looks.
When you have that done, merge those close up tube layers together. Set the blend mode to Luminosity. Duplicate the close up layer. On the duplicated layer, set the blend mode to soft light. Apply MezzoForce Ice on the default settings.
Now, merge the Zag layers together into one. Flood fill that layer with a color from your tube. Open your tube or close up, copy and paste it above the zag layer. You may have to do it twice and position them in the framed areas. Merge those tube layers into one.
Create a clipping mask with the tube layer and the zag layer. Set the tube layer to Luminosity and then merge the two together. Merge the Frame layers together. Apply a black stroke of 3px to the frame.

Create three new layers above the zag layer. Name them Ani1, Ani2, and Ani3. Hovering your mouse over the thumbnail of the Zag layer, hold ctrl and click on it.
In your Ani1 layer, apply DSB Flux-Electrosphere. Use whatever settings look coolest. Repeat this for Ani2 and Ani3, changing the settings each time. Set the blend mode on each of those layers to Overlay. You can change the blendmode if you want a different effect. Deselect all.
Group those three layers and name them Animation.

Using a nice fat font, I used Velvenda Cooler, and the color from your tube, type out something under the Zag layer. Make it rather big. Use my tag for reference if needed. (I had mine set to 72px)
Rasterize the type and bring up the layer style window. Set the Fill opacity to 60% and add a nice drop shadow to it.

At this point, add your copyright information above the top layer. Now add your name in a nice script font. I used the color white, but you can use whatever you want.
If you are not going to animate, save here. :)

If you are, open your animate window and get ready for some fun!
Create 4 frames in your animation window by hitting the duplicate frame option. In frame 1, make sure the Ani1 layer is open and the others are closed. In Frame 2, make sure Ani2 is the only one open. In Frame 3, only Ani3 should be showing. In Frame4, we want Ani1 showing.
On Frame1, hit the tween button. We are going to tween with the next frame and add 3 frames. Do this again on Frame 5 and Frame 9. You should have 13 frames at this point. Delete the very last frame so that you now have 12 frames. Set the display time to .1 for all frames.
Save for Web and Devices and enjoy.

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