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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You need:
Tube of choice. I'm using the work of Robert Alvarado. You can find his art at PTE.
Mask of choice. I'm using one from the wonderful Vix. I used Mask 08 from her Mask Set 2. You can find it here.
Fonts of choice. I used Rollergirls and Oh La La.
Filters: Mura's Meister Copies and Eye Candy Corona. You can do this tut without either, but you will have to duplicate by hand.
Texture of choice. I'm using one of mine. You can get it on my other blog here.

This tutorial was written in PSP9 and Animation shop. I assume you have working knowledge of both programs.

Open a new image that is 575x575. Flood fill with white (or a background color that matches any forums you are on)
Copy and paste the texture into the new image. Apply your mask of choice.
Merge group. Rename that layer to "Spin1". Under the adjust menu, hit One Step Photofix.
Duplicate that layer 3 more times so you have a total of 4. Make sure you name them Spin2-4. Close 3 of them off. Leave one open as a reference.
Now, copy and paste your tube over those layers. Position it where you wish.
Using your Rectangle tool, create a bar under your tube layer. Set the forground to null and background to a color from your tube.
Convert to raster layer and apply Muras Copies using these settings:

Open a close up from your tube and copy and paste it over your bars. If you don't have a close up, use your tube and just do it a few times to fill the bars. Make sure you merge all those tube layers together. :)
Go back to your bar layer. Selections>Select all>Float>Defloat. Now modify and contract by 4. Hit invert and then on your close up layer, hit delete.
Set your close up layer to Screen.
Now duplicate your bar layer. Selections>Select all>Float>Defloat. Modify and contract that one by 2. Invert it and hit delete on that layer.
On your original bar layer, apply noise set to Random and 75%. Make sure the Monochrome box is checked. Close off all the layers except the close up layer and the bars. Merge visible.

Using a pixel font (use whatever you like best) write out a saying that fits your tube. Position this between the bars you made. Make sure they are behind the tube layer.
If you want to put a dot between each phrase, use Ctrl+7.
Line it up how you feel it looks best. Duplicate that layer and move it down to between the other bars. You should have a row of text in each blank space between the bars. Reference my tag if needed.
Merge your pixel layers into one. Apply Eye Candy-Corona, making sure the Glow Width is down to 5. Use any color you feel looks good. I did white.

Now above your main tube, using your font tool, write out a word or saying that fits. Use any color or font you want. I used Rollergirls.
Convert to raster. Duplicate that layer. Using your free rotate tool, rotate one layer 90 degrees to the right. Rotate the other one 90 degrees to the left. Position them so that they are on the sides of the bars.
Merge the text layers together. On that merged text layer: Selections>Select all>float>defloat. Modify and contract by 4. Add a new raster layer. Flood fill that new layer using a lighter color. Select none.
On the bottom text layer, apply noise on the same settings as before.

Add your copyright info and your name. If you want your name to match the other text, just do the same thing you did before. Just don't contract by as much. :)
If you are not going to animate, close off the white layer at the bottom and merge cropped opaque. Save as a png.

If you are going to animate:

Close off all the Spin layers and the white background. Merge visible.
Activate the Spin1 layer. Make sure it's open. Rotate to the left by 90 degrees.
On the Spin2 layer, rotate to the left by 180 degrees. On spin3, rotate to the left by 270 degrees. Leave the Spin4 layer alone.
Open all 4 spin layers. Close off the white layer. Merge cropped opaque. Reopen the white layer at the bottom and close off the spin layers 2-4. Make sure spin 1 is open.
Copy merged. Paste into Animation shop as a new animation.
Go back to PSP and close off spin1. Open spin2 and copy merged. Paste into AS after current frame. Repeat this for spin3 and spin4.
Set the frame properties to 25. Optimize and save as a .gif. Enjoy!


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