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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
You need:
Tube of Choice. I'm using the work of Barbara Jensen. You can purchase her art here.
Scrap kit of Choice. I'm using Wedding Bells by giZZy. You can purchase the kit here.
Font of Choice. I'm using Sweetly Broken. You can download it here.

I assume you have working knowledge of Paintshop Pro.

Open your tube. Before we get started, if you are using the same tube as I am, we need to recolor the clothing to match.
First off, find the orange clothing layers. Activate the layers. Now change the blend mode to luminosity. Tada!

Now, open a new image with the dimensions of 600x600. Copy merged on your tube and paste into the new image.
Resize by 85%.
In your scrap kit, find the frame element. It should be Element29. Copy and paste into your working image. Resize by 70%.
Using your free rotate tool, rotate to the right 45 degrees. Resize again by 90%. Adjust>Sharpeness>Sharpen. Just once will be fine.
Move your frame layer under your tube layer. Position your tube so that it's sitting just above the bottom corner of the frame. Go back to your frame layer.
Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat. Now, go back to your tube layer and with the eraser tool, erase the bottom part of the tube.
Now find a paper you like, I'm using Paper 3. Copy and paste into your image as a new layer. Move that layer under the frame layer. Resize your paper by 75%.
Reactivate your frame layer. Using your magic wand with the tolerence set to 10, click inside the frame. Modify>Expand by 5. Invert and go back to your paper layer and hit delete. Deselect.
Using your crop tool. Crop merged opaque 600x600.
Open the heart with the music staff on it, Element 42, copy and paste into the working image. Resize by 30%. Move it above the frame layer. Mirror it and position it towards the bottom of the frame, just behind the tube.
Open element 11 (the glasses) and do the same thing you did for the heart layer. This time, instead of hitting mirror, leave it be. Move it above the tube layer and position it at the bottom.
Open Element 25. Copy and paste it under the heart layer.Resize by 50%. Position it so that it looks like it's coming out of the heart. Using your change to target brush, color the top flower layer a color from your tube.
Open Element 43. Copy and paste it under the bottom flower layer. Resize by 50%. Position it towards the top of the frame, but so that the bottom part is hidden. Recolor it the same way we did the flower.
Open Element 39. Copy and Paste it into the new image. Move it so that it's the bottom layer.Resize by 75%. Duplicate that layer and set the top layer to Multiply.
On your frame layer, apply a drop shadow with the following settings:
Vertical: 2
Opacity: 66%
Apply it again, but change the horizontal and verical to -2.
Do this for your tube layer as well.
Crop merged opaque.
Using your text tool, type out your name in white using the font Sweetly Broken. Have it set to 100px and using the text tool, rotate it a bit.
Rasterize the text layer and add a drop shadow with the following settings:
Vertical: 2
Opacity: 60%
Apply it again but change the Vertical and Horizontal to -2.

Add your copyright information and save as a .png. Enjoy!


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