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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tube of Choice: I'm using the art of Rene Kunert. You can purchase her art here.
Textures of Choice: I'm using my own textures that you can get from my dA here.
Font of Choice: Champagne & Limousines.
Mask of Choice: I'm using number 16 from here.
Filters: Xero-Radiance. 

I assume you have working knowledge of Paintshop Pro. 

Open a new image 600x600. 
Copy and paste your tube into the new image. Resize if you need to. 
Using your Rectangle Tool, set the background to black and your foreground to null, draw a rectangle around your tube. Make sure that it's a bit smaller than your tube itself.
Align it so that it's centered in the image. Convert to a raster layer. Position your tube how you want. 
Now, open your texture of choice. If you are using my texture pack, it's Texture2 that I used. 
Copy and paste that texture between the tube and rectangle layer. Activate the rectangle layer. Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Inverse. Go back to the texture layer and hit delete. Deselect.
Now do the same thing with the tube layer. That way everything is nice and inside the rectangle. 
Set the blend mode on the texture layer to Luminance. Merge visible. Duplicate that layer. Set the top layer to Screen and drop the opacity to 75%. If you are using a different color scheme and tube, feel free to mess with the blend modes to see what you like best. 
Now, merge visible again. Duplicate your layer again. Close off the top layer. Resize the bottom layer by 75%. 
Reopen the top layer. Using your raster deform tool, move the bottom layer to the right of the top layer. Try to center it. Use my tag as a guide. Duplicate the small layer and then hit mirror. Merge down.
Duplicate the bottom layer (the two small ones) and set the blend mode on the top small layer to multiply. Then apply Xero-Radiance on the default setting. Close off the topmost layer and merge visible. 
Activate your top layer (the big one) and hit Selections>Select all>Float>Defloat>Modify>Expand by 5 pixels. Create a new layer. Flood fill that layer with a color of choice. In my case I'm going to use white. Deselect and move that layer under your top layer.
Apply noise set at 100% and on Random. Go back to your top layer and merge down. On the bottom layer (the small ones) do the same thing, except only expand by 3.
Now, on the top layer, apply a drop shadow with these settings: 
Offset horizontal: 1
Offset Vertical: 1
Opacity: 80%
Blur: 2
Color: Black

Apply it again but change the Offsets to -1, -1. Apply the shadows the same way to the bottom layer.
Crop the image down using the Crop Opaque Merged option. set it to 475x500. Center it so that you have extra space to work with.
Open your texture again. Copy and paste it as a new layer. Make that layer your bottom layer. Apply your maske of choice.
Merge group. Using your Change to Target Brush, greyscale the masked layer. All you need to do is set the color choice to either white or black and just brush over the layer. :)
Drop the opacity of your mask layer down to about 70%.
Activate your top layer. Using your pen tool set to Draw Lines and Polylines, draw out a line set at a width of 5, color of choice, and diamond style. Position the line along the edge of the small tube layer. Use my tag as a reference. Convert to raster layer. Duplicate and hit mirror. Move the line in a bit if you have to.
Merge down and add your shadows like you did before. 
Add your copyright information. 
Using a font of choice, write out your name. Add the shadows like you did before and save as a .png. Enjoy!


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