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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What you need:
Tube. I'm using the art of Keith Garvey. You can find his art here.
Kit. I'm using the kit "Over the Rainbow" by giZZy. You can find the kit here.
Font of choice. I'm using Respective.

I assume you have working knowledge of Photoshop. This tutorial was made using CS5.

Open a new image with the dimensions 600x600. Flood fill with white.
Copy and paste your tube into the image. Resize if needed.
Open Element 9. Resize by 80% and copy and paste into the image behind the tube. Rotate it a bit to the left.
Open Element 26. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste it into your image under the tube. Position it so that some of the tube is going back into the frame and some is under the feet of the tube.
Now, open paper 4. Resize by 80%. Copy and paste it under your frame. Position it up a bit so that the sidewalks blend into each other.
Close off all the layers except the frame. Using your magic wand tool, click inside the frame. Expand by 10 pixels and invert. Activate the paper layer and hit delete. Deselect all.
Activate your sidewalk layer. Using your lasso tool, draw a circle around the back end of the sidewalk. Make sure some of it in the front is not in that circle. Apply a Gaussian Blur of 3 px. Deselect.
Using the lasso tool again, select a smaller area just behind the frame and apply a gaussian blur of 1px. It should make your sidewalk look like it is fading into the background.
Open Element 34. Copy and paste above your sidwalk layer. Position it on the corner on either the left or the right side. Duplicate and move it to the opposite side.
Open Element 31. Resize by 60%. Copy and paste it above your sidewalk layer. Position it so that the sidewalk is leading up to it. Some of the element should be peeking out the top of the frame.
Open Element 23. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste it above your frame layer. Move it to the left so that it looks like it's peeking out.
Create a new layer above your city layer (the layer above the sidewalk) Using your lasso tool, draw out a rough oval. It can't be huge, but make it decent sized. Flood fill that area with white. Deslect. Apply a Gaussian Blure of 20px. Duplicate that layer and then merge the duplicate down. Rename this layer to Animation.
On your animation layer, go to the layer style box. Add an outer glow. Change the color to a gold (color pick from the sidewalk if you want) and set the opacity to 100% and the blend mode to Normal. It should look like a cloud with gold edges. Position it to the right of the image so that it's hanging off a bit. Drop the opacity to 70%.
Add your copyright information and name. If you are not going to animate, close off the bottom layer and save as a .png.

This animation is pretty simple. :D

Create three frames in your Animation window. On the second frame, move the animation layer over to the left. Only do this on the second frame.
Now, go to your first frame. Tween with the next layer and add 7 frames. On frame 9, do the same thing. Go to your last frame (17) and delete the frame.
On Frame 1 and 9, set the display to .5 seconds. On the other frames, set it to .2 seconds.

Save for web and devices and enjoy!


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