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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What you will need:
Tubes of Choice. I used the art of Justice Howard. She no longer sells her tubes anywhere. :(
DSB Flux-Bright Noise
AlienSkin Xenofex 2- Electrify
Eyecandy 4000-Corona
Embellishments of choice.
Fonts of Choice.

Open a new canvas that is 450x200. Flood fill the new image with a gradient using 2 colors from your tube. Fill it how you want, I used a linear gradient with no repeats.
Copy and paste the tube you wish to use in the background above the gradient. Position as you desire. Duplicate the layer. Adjust the bottom tube layer to Luminance Legacy. Apply a Guassian Blur to the top layer at 3.00. Adjust the layer to Soft Light. Move the opacity down to about 50%. Fiddle around to see what looks best. :D
Now copy and paste your other tube choice above those layers. Position as you wish and add a drop shadow.
Under the new tube layer, use your Ellipse tool and draw a circle. Make sure the circle can be completly covered by the tube. Duplicate the circle 3 times.
Using Xenofex 2, apply the Electrify filter to the first circle. Mess around with the settings basing them on the style of tube you have and the colors you are using.
On the other circles, apply the same filter just hit random seed a few times. Rename these layers to Animation 1, Animation 2, and Animation 3.
Above your tube layer using the rectangle tool, draw out a long rectangle that spans the entire length of the tag. Convert to raster layer and drop the opacity to about 70%.
Above that rectangle, write out in a nice bold font what you want it to say. I went with "How do you like me now?". Embellish as you wish.
Now add a new layer. On that layer, select all and then contract by 8. Invert and flood fill with your gradient. Deselect all.
Duplicate this layer 3 times. On the first frame layer, add DSB Flux Bright Noise on lighten. Repeat this on the other 2 fram layers, changing the intensity to something different on each layer.
Rename these layers to Frame 1, Frame 2, and Frame 3.
Add your copyright information and your name where you wish on the tag.
Convert your name to a raster layer. Add corona on a lighter color then the font color with all the settings turned down to almost 0.

Now comes the time to animate. :D

Open up animation shop. Go back to PsP and close off animation layers 2 and 3 as well as frame layers 2 and 3. Copy merged.
Head back to animation shop and paste as a new animation.
Back in PsP, close off the animation and frame layer 1 and unhide animation and frame 2 layers. Copy merged and paste in animation shop after the current frame.
Repeat the last step with frame and animation layer 3.
Now make Frame 1 showing again and hide only animation layer 3. (Leaving Animation 1 and 2 showing) Copy merged and paste after current frame.
Make Frame 2 showing and hide only animation layer 2. (Leaving Animation 1 and 3 showing) Copy merged and paste after current frame.
Now make Frame 3 show and leave all animation layers showing.

In Animation shop, select all frames and go to Frame Properties and set it to 15 or 20. Save as a .gif.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy creating. :D

Here is another example :D


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