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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tube of choice. I am using the work of The Hunter. He is a pay to use artist. You can purchase his work at PTE.
Scrapkit of choice. I am using Rawkalicious by Toxic Desirez. This is a PTU kit. Kristins blog is here. You can find a list of places she sells on there.
Template of choice. I used template 408 by Missy. You can find it on her blog here.
Penta Jeans filter.
Font of Choice. I used Weltron.

Open the template and delete the information layer and the background layer. Go to Image>Canvas Size and expand the canvas to 948x550. Make sure it is centered.
Don't worry, it won't be this big when we are done. It just gives us a bit of room to work with such a small template. :D

Ok, back to the kit. If you are using a different kit than I am feel free to use whatever papers and elements fit your tube of choice best.

Open Paper15. Copy. Now in the template select raster layer 8, select all, float>defloat>paste as a new layer. Delete raster 8. Deselect. If you know how to script I suggest scripting your select>float>defloat>paste>deselect it makes it go faster.

Open Paper20. Repeat the same thing but this time on Raster layer 7 and the copy of 7. You may find that the layer names are changing. It's all cool. :)

Now, open the ClubScene element. Paste as a new layer above Raster layer 1. This is to give a bit of separation while we are working. We will go back and add more elements later. Position as it looks best. Move Raster layer 9 below 10.

Open your tube of choice. Copy the close up layer (if it has one) and paste above Raster layer 5. Position so it looks good inside the frame. Go back to layer 5. Select all>Float>Defloat>Invert. Activate layer 11 (tube layer) and hit delete. Deselect.

Set the blend mode on the tube layer to overlay. Duplicate the layer. Set the duplicated layer's blend mode to dodge but drop the opacity down to 32%. Apply Penta>Jeans filter set to 35/4. Do this on the other tube layer and layer 5 as well.

Repeat this step with the other frame backgrounds (The copys of layer 5) using different parts of the tube. Fiddle around with the positioning to see what looks best.

Now copy your main tube. Paste it above the copy(2) of layer 4. Position how you feel looks best.

Open the WingedSkull element. Paste as a new layer above the main tube layer. Resize by 50%. Position over the bottom of your tube (or depending on the tube where it looks best.)

Open the ToxicSymbol element. Paste as a new layer above the other element. Resize by 50%. Position to the right side of the template. Refer to my tag for where I placed it. If it seems to big, feel free to resize down a bit. If you rotate it, don't forget to sharpen the image after.

Open the Star element. Paste as a new layer above raster layer 3. Postion off to the left just off the corner of the frame. Refer to my tag for how I did it.

Now. Add drop shadows as you wish.

Using the crop tool. Crop merged opaque. If the tag is too big, this is the time to resize it.

Using your text tool, add your name. Apply the jeans filter again and then add a drop shadow. The font I used was Weltron.

Add your copyright information and save as a .png.



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