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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Supplies Needed:
Empty Bottle-The one I used is from Scrappin Cop. Please check out her Terms of Use before downloading.
Tube of Choice- I am using the art of Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase his work here.
Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow

Fonts Used:
Will and Grace
Bank Gothic

Open your jar and resize the the size you wish. I resized mine down to about 700x500. Depends on the size of the bottle and style.
Open your tube of choice. Resize it so that it is a bit smaller then your bottle.
Copy and paste the tube under the bottle.
Move the tube around and place it where it looks good. Merge the bottle layer and tube together. Resize if you wish. This depends on what you are going to use the bottle for.

Now open a new image bigger then your tube. I did about 600x600 for my tube. Try to give yourself about 100-150 more then the size of the bottle so you can decorate it.

Copy and paste your bottle with the tube into the new image. Position as you wish.

At the bottom of the bottle, using the Will and Grace font, type out what you want it to say. I used a lighter color from my tube.
Convert to raster layer once you are happy.
Now on the text layer select all, float, defloat, and create a new layer above the text. In the italic letters only, fill in with a darker color. Deselect.
Now select the darker text layer. Select all, float, defloat.
Now select the lighter text layer and hit delete.
Merge the dark layer down to the lighter layer.

With the text layer active, go to Adjust. Hit add noise and add noise on your favorite setting.
Now add Eye Candy Gradient Glow to this layer. Use whatever colors you wish, I prefer white on the fat setting.

Now you can add ribbons, bows, and other fun things to this. I added a bow at the top of the bottle. You can add whatever you wish. Make it your own!

Now add your name in the Bank Gothic font. To turn it sideways, go to Image and hit rotate. Make sure you have the all layers box unchecked.

Add drop shadows and copyright information and save as a .png.



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